Reasons Why Assignment Should Not Be Banned

Students from all levels of education have been doing assignments since time immemorial. The main difference is the length and complexity of the assignments. The majority of students, parents, and teachers agree that at-home tasks are beneficial and should continue. However, there is a certain percentage who still feel that assignments are a bit of a burden to students and that it should be banned.

To keep or ban at-home tasks remains a very debatable subject and each side of the divide has enough points to raise. However, it is obvious that the pros of reasonable homework far outweigh the cons. The following are reasons why assignment should not be banned:

Assignments are meant to boost students’ performance in their studies. One of the ways that this happens is when they get to prepare and present on different topics. They are required to gather information, write notes, and organize them into specified formats. These presentations are either made in small groups or in front of the whole class. Marks are also awarded for each of them and this calls for students to put in the work and work on their confidence.

As students seek clarifications and further guidance on their assignments, they get to interact more and better with their teachers. Every committed teacher will be open and willing enough to help their students in achieving their academic goals. Assignments are meant to make students better as they practice what they have been taught in class.

Attending classes and sitting through a lecture is great but not necessarily a sign of self-responsibility. Some students even stay on their phones throughout the lecture period and cannot remember what the tutor was saying. Assignments on the other hand help students to become more self-responsible. In the case of at-home tasks, students learn to slot in some time to finish their assignment and this shows some self-responsibility.

It is possible to forget even the most basic of concepts if you do not practice them for a long time. Giving assignments is one of the ways by which teachers keep students afloat with their studies. They go over the same thing more than once in class and at home and this keeps their memory fresh. By handling different assignments and practicing, students remember what they learn for a long and can apply the same in their lives.

As parents assist their children at home, or help when a kid asks to do my homework for me, they get an opportunity to bond with each other. The student feels more confident in themselves as their parents express their concern. Parents are also able to understand their children better and know the areas of both successes and struggles so that they can offer the necessary help.

Final Remarks

Even with all the differing opinions about the importance and relevance of assignments, it is clear that they are helpful. The points above and others explain why assignments should not be banned for the benefit of the children, parents, and teachers as well.

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