Is Homework Giving You Depression?

Students, young and old, are complaining about homework nowadays. Some say the tasks given are much too difficult to do on their own. Others claim the difficulty level is okay, but the amount is too much. Regardless of which camp the student is on, most claim school life would be better without homework.

Though it is normal to dislike homework, some students reach a level of disappointment about such daily tasks that they are not able to function anymore. The following are some signs to watch out for.

Lots of homework, coupled with exams, can really cause students sleepless nights. But if you have been regularly having difficulty resting in the evening because of worries about school, particularly homework, then it could be a sign that depression is setting in.

People who are always stressed begin to experience aches in their bodies. Headaches, shoulder aches, and stomach aches are the most common stress-related body pains. If these start acting up the moment something is assigned or when you are about to do your homework, then you may be dealing with something serious already.

People battling depression may either lose the urge to eat, which causes them to severely lose pounds, or start overeating, which increases their weight. If you find that something similar is happening to you because of schoolwork, then that is another sign of possible depression.

Those who are depressed lose confidence in themselves, wrongly believing they are unworthy and unloveable. Such thoughts cause them to avoid family and friends. If you feel the same because of shame regarding your schoolwork, this may be another sign.

Homework stress can cause a student to search for ways to forget their problems. Unfortunately, this may mean excessive drinking or the use of drugs. If you find yourself regularly seeking any one of these because of how school work makes you feel, you might be dealing with homework-related depression.

Those who are depressed because of homework may lose interest in school. This could lead to the cutting of classes or no longer finishing and submitting assignments. If you find yourself greatly losing interest in school because you do not care anymore about classwork, you may be dealing with depression.

If you are already dealing with depression because of homework or you think you might be on the verge, it is best to speak to a loved one, a trusted teacher, or your school’s guidance counselor on what to do. If addressed early, you will be able to stop the worst effects.


Depression is a very serious matter. It is a sadness that will not easily lift unless you receive help. So if you have been experiencing any of the mentioned above symptoms already, consider seeking help soon.

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