How To Efficiently Do Homework On Weekends

It’s the weekend, and you have got plans maybe to watch a movie, hang out with friends, or sleep. But you need to do your homework! How do you approach this?

Since homework is part of a student’s life, teachers tend to assign it to keep them busy during the weekends or holidays. Many see it as a form of punishment since they want to spend the weekend relaxing or playing their favorite games. But there are great benefits of homework to students.

If you find it hard completing your assignment during weekends, here is a simple guide to help you complete your homework on time.

Prepare a list of tasks

Write down all the subjects, the amount of time it may take to do homework, and what tasks you’re going to start with. Develop a schedule to have greater control over your homework. The tasks should be listed starting from the hardest tasks to those that require less time. If you have a large assignment, break it down into chunks and include them in your list.

Set a schedule

There is a lot that goes on during weekends or holidays, which is why it’s important to have a specific study time during weekends. Prepare a schedule that fits your weekend plans and try to stick to it. During this time try to do assignment in bits while taking breaks in between. If you have to work on multiple subjects over the weekend, alternate the them on different study time from day to day. Use a calendar or planner to mark your study times and the subjects you want to work on.

Prioritize your work

Sometimes you may have no homework but when you have one, list all the assignments you need to complete, it’s easier to work on each one of them based on their due date. Also, if a certain task will take longer, allocate enough time for it in your schedule. Prioritize the assignments that are due first and those that have great weight on your overall mark in class.

Reward yourself

Once you are through with a certain task, reward yourself to remain motivated to proceed to the next section. But ensure you stick to your schedule. You can listen to your favorite music, take a short walk, have a snack, or relax. The main aim is to remain motivated to do the rest of the assignments which allows you to find the important of homework.


Of course activities such as family day out and routine chores may be a hindrance when you want to complete your homework on weekends. But a little planning can help fit everything in a simple schedule that works for you. This will help you work efficiently during weekends and get a lot done in no time.

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